KARMA KLUB is an Austrian rock band that formed in Graz in 2014 (former known as the five-piece rock band “Milestones”). The group consists of singer/bassist Lukas Maier, guitarist Michael Trost, guitarist Stefan Köppel and drummer Daniel Ofner.

Even though they’re all pretty young, they have nonetheless devoted themselves to the sounds of those who came before, fusing this with their own, uniquely fresh take. The result is one clean blast of exploding guitars, driving beats, irreverent vocals, pounding energy and catchy melodies.


KARMA KLUB in der Arena in Wien

Sei dabei!

Arena Wien 16. Mai 2015



"Karma Klub" gewinnt Steiermark-Finale

am 19. 4. 2015 errang Karma Klub beim Steiermarkfinale der "local heros" den 1. Platz.

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